02 April 2012

The Silence

Sirens screaming throughout the night,
As dark as my heart.
There's a shadow looming overhead.
Gray and dull and and looking to start,
Pouring rain down on me.

Things have been cloudy for awhile
and the storm has been brewing.
The rain brings release from all this,
But most of all it brings the silence.
The silence let's me be.

How I wish for the silence to come.
To come drown out the sobbing cries.
To wash away the tears that fall,
Fall so heavily from my eyes.

Screeching sirens drowning out the screams in my heart.
Quieted for a moment,
And them I remember.
The sirens came here not long ago,
Screaming and screeching and flashing.

There noise took over and the clouds rolled in.
They loom overhead.

The silence threatens, but has yet to come.
Maybe it never will.

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