06 November 2011


Ugh! Can't get the inspiration I need to write my fifth chapter. My heart is truly not in this project anymore. I want to do something else but it's too late for that now. Just got to keep plugging along and get it over with. I need to find a way to get myself psyched up for this again. Just don't know how.  

I can barely muster up anything to write for this blog, so coming up with 3000+ words for my chapter is a HUGE stretch away from where I need to be. And  I have ten days to produce publishable prose. Good luck to me. No, seriously. I need the good luck! Well actually, I just need to get my ass in gear. I've sat down at my computer to write and nothing comes out. Nothing near what I need to produce that has anything to do with story. Sigh. So it goes.

I've also been feeling kind of ignored lately. Am I really that irritating that people don't want to respond to me? Guess so! Oh well. Guess my give-a-shit-meter about people just shat out all it could. Now, I don't care. Same as them. Whatever. 

Better get writing. 

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